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IAD 2022: Foraging, Lithophones, + Lamb Spring Archaeological Preserve

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Spotlight on IAD Exhibits:

Foraging with Roxborough State Park

Susan Landers, Committee contact

Roxborough SP volunteer naturalists are known to pop up anywhere to explain the natural and cultural resources. It’s a way to encourage you to become a steward of the land. And how much fun is it to combine it all in a foraging exhibit where you can learn about how The Ancients leveraged natural resources for a very successful lifestyle.

Come touch pelts and skulls of animals hunted in prehistoric times.Native plant masters will explain the plants that were gathered during seasonal rounds.And we are pleased to be able to partner with History Colorado to share the new Ute STEM kit: hands-on activities to learn about traditional ecologic knowledge.

Lithophones with Marilyn Martorano

Betsy Healey, Committee contact

Here at IAD, we know her as the rock music lady. She brings a collection of ancient stone artifacts that you can play to make real music. It is an unforgettable experience. Almost as much fun as clicking on the rocks at this link.

A Registered Professional Archaeologist (RPA), Marilyn has received awards for her work with lithophones, Culturally Modified Trees and the Bromley Koizuma-Hishinuma Farm.

Site Tours: Lamb Spring Archaeological Preserve

Lamb Spring Archaeological Preserve, a five-minute drive from the Expo, will be hosting tours and an atlatl toss at 10:00 and 11:00. Register here.

Learn about the Paleoindian Cody Complex culture that hunted Bison antiquus, the Ice Age ancestor of modern bison more than 9400 years ago. Extinct Ice Age animals found at the site include over 30 Columbian mammoths, the largest number known from any site in Colorado. It also contains the remains of Ice Age camels, horses, sloths, llamas, and wolves.

The atlatl (Nahuatl Aztec for “spear thrower”) was used for hunting mega-fauna. Give it a try while at the site.

Our Volunteers

The IAD Expo has been privileged to be supported by hundreds of volunteers over the decade history of the event. All the work for our exhibits, lectures, and site tours is performed by people doing it just for the love of archaeology.

Each exhibit has people who are excited to talk to you about their display or demonstration. The local site tours welcome you with expert guides. And the professional lectures are first class. The expo support folks (welcome table, lecture emcee, photographers, and rovers) are also volunteers. We are grateful for all these folks for sharing their knowledge, expertise, and time.

Behind the Scenes

Lift Off! Last week we launched the IAD 2022 website and the associated IAD 2022 Facebook group

Register for contests! Register for lectures and site tours! Click here for the schedule of events.

In weekly updates we spotlight our exhibitors, lecturers, and sponsors. We let you in behind the scenes as we prepare for the 11th annual IAD Expo. And maybe share a nerdy archaeology joke or two.

Tell your friends!!!

Betsy Healey

IAD 2022 Organizer

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