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The Summer is Heating up with CCLLC!

We had a wonderful spring season filled with lots of activities and fun events. If you missed our last blog on our spring season, be sure to check it out here. Now, summer is upon us, and we're diving into more community engagement events while planning a new year of International Archaeology Day at Red Rocks Park. Here's a look at what we've been up to and what's coming up:

Golden Discovery Days

Golden Discovery Days is one of our favorite annual events hosted by Golden History Museum and Park. We spent two full days setting up mock digs and talking to kids and adults about archaeology. This event is crazy fun and exhausting, but we volunteer every year because we love sharing why archaeology matters. Working with the fabulous team from Metcalf Archaeology is always a highlight. Learn more about the event here.

Amache National Historic Site

Jess (left) and Jasmine (right) helping with site cleanup at Amache National Historic Site.

On May 17th, we attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the newest addition to our nation's park system, Amache National Historic Site, joined by politicians such as Michael Bennett and Cory Gardner, along with community members and descendants. Have you ever experienced the unveiling of a National Park or Historic Site? It's an exhilarating moment and deeply touching!

Photo left to right: Jessica Ericson, Senator Michael Bennett, Katie Peterson & Jasmine Saxon

This park, once a Japanese Internment Camp during WWII, holds profound significance. Amache, the smallest of the 10 incarceration sites, had the capacity for 8,000 residents, making it the largest community in southeastern Colorado and the 10th largest “city” in the state in 1940.

Dr. Bonnie Clark and her students from University of Denver have been doing archaeological research here for years. As Dr. Clark is Jasmine's former professor from grad school and mentor, we had the opportunity to help with site cleanup for ongoing research, including a ground-penetrating radar survey. We also assisted in the tours for the opening ceremonies, serving as a guide car. It was an honor to be part of the commemoration and to help make this day special for many who remember the heavy hardships endured here. Special thank you to Dr. Clark who graciously extended the invite to us!!

The park’s history intertwines with Indigenous heritage, named after Amache Ochinee Prowers, a Southern Cheyenne woman and daughter of Chief O’kenehe. Situated on ceded treaty lands of multiple tribes, including the Cheyenne, Arapaho, Kiowa, and Comanche, Amache serves as a testament to resilience and enduring cultural traditions. Reflecting on history reminds us of the importance of honoring past struggles to pave a better future. Congratulations to everyone involved in making this milestone a reality! We were honored to be a small part of it.

Amache National Historic Site ribbon cutting ceremony.

Check out the gallery below for some photo highlights!

Colorado Railroad Museum

We continue to make monthly appearances at the Colorado Railroad Museum! It’s a joy to interact with community members and share archaeology and history with them. If you haven’t visited the museum, it's a must-see! The train collection is impressive, and Thrilling Thursdays bring together a variety of organizations, from beekeepers to train safety experts and volcano explorers. There’s always something unique to experience at the Museum!

We only have a few dates left! Come see us!

Thursday, July 11th

Thursday, Aug 1st

Brothel Excavations in Central City, Colorado

We had the opportunity to volunteer at the brothel excavations in Central City with Dr. Jade Luiz and her students from Metropolitan State University. This season, the team unearthed a metal medallion depicting Saint Camillus, the patron of hospitals, nurses, and the sick, as well as a high-button boot with a heel. Jasmine found the metal medallion, and the high-button boot was uncovered the same day we volunteered. Lucky, much? 😂 (see what we did there? Central City is also a gambling town!)

As this excavation is in a mining city and near old mines, lead contamination can be an issue. Therefore, for certain excavation units, screening must be done with a protective face mask (See Jess's picture below!). Want to read more about the excavation? Check out this article.

Archaeology Day in Fairplay, Colorado

Join us for the third annual Archaeology Day in Fairplay, Colorado. Hosted on the front lawn of the old courthouse, South Park Stewards and South National Heritage Area bring together an amazing collection of organizations and exhibits all about archaeology. From learning how stones like obsidian were transported for making stone tools to throwing the atlatl, guests get to experience a glimpse into ancient lives. This year, Crow Canyon Mobile Learning Lab will be attending! Don’t miss out on Saturday, July 13th, from 10 am to 3 pm.

Archaeology Day at Schweiger Ranch, Lone Tree, Colorado

Save the Date: July 17th! Join Community Connections and Schweiger Ranch from 9-11 am for an exciting, FREE event perfect for the whole family! Explore the rich history of Schweiger Ranch and the Schweiger family, get up close with fascinating artifacts found on the ranch, and take part in an archaeology mock dig. Don’t forget to meet the friendly goats and chickens! Check out the website for more information.

Where: Schweiger Ranch, 10822 S Havana St., Lone Tree, CO

When: 9-11 am

Date: Wednesday, July 17, 2024

International Archaeology Day

Saturday, October 19th from 8:30 - 1:30 pm

We are thrilled to announce that we received the grant we applied for through our non-profit partner, Colorado Preservation Inc. Although we didn’t receive as much funding as last year from the State Historic Fund, we are confident we can make up the difference through fundraising and community support. Last year was our first time hosting International Archaeology Day at Red Rocks Park. We had over 1,000 guests and 300 attendees for the free off-site tours. This was the biggest turnout in the event’s history! We hosted 35 different organizations with tables, booths, and activities to share history and archaeology with the community. All free to everyone who participated! Learn more here and in this blog.

This year, we’re including more BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) participants and organizations to represent a diverse and inclusive perspective on our history and archaeology. Returning activities include the tipi demonstration, earth watercolors, flint knapping, and atlatl throwing. In the works are new participants including dancers from Indigenous Corporation 5280 and speakers from the Displaced Aurarians, Colorado Asian Pacific United, and Indigenous friends sharing stories of Native life and tradition.

We’re actively seeking new BIPOC community members to participate. If you know anyone interested, please contact us at

We’re also looking for more sponsors!

There are many behind-the-scenes costs for the event, such as food trucks, a beer garden, volunteer and speaker gifts, merchandise, labor costs for coordinating the event and more. Please consider donating to our non-profit partner, Colorado Preservation Inc, to support us and the work we're doing for International Archaeology Day. See the sponsorship packet below for more information.

IAD 2024 Sponsorship Packet
Download PDF • 19.56MB

Ready to sponsor? Send your check or cash to:

Colorado Preservation, Inc.,

1420 Ogden Street, Suite 104

Denver, CO 80218

**Memo: ** "International Archeology Day"

Thank you to everyone who has supported us, whether financially or in other ways. Your support makes a world of difference in helping us achieve our mission to create a space in our industry where people feel seen, heard, and valued 🫶🏽.

Jasmine (left) and Jess (right).

Join us in celebrating history, fostering community, and sharing the stories that matter!

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Jasmine & Jess (J&J) 🌳

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