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Join us for Exciting Events this Spring!

Spring is upon us and with it, activity is on the rise at Community Connections! March kicked off with some fabulous community events and we’re excited to continue the momentum into April. Check out what we’ve been into the last month!

The Lakewood Sunrise Optimist Club is named that for a reason! A 7 a.m. morning meeting might seem like a daunting task for some, but for us, it was an opportunity to spread joy, positivity, and a little bit of history. In our recent engagement with the club, we shared insights into the Guardians of Historic Lakewood Program, a project close to our hearts.

Jasmine with the Archaeology Guidebook.

International Optimist clubs, rooted in the practice of fostering community spirit and service, have been a beacon of hope for decades. Our dialogue with the Lakewood Sunrise Optimist club centered around introducing the Guardians of Historic Lakewood Program, a collaborative effort with the Lakewood Historical Society. Through this initiative, we encourage individuals to become community scientists, supplying them with the knowledge to identify and preserve artifacts discovered in their own neighborhoods.

If you don’t live in Lakewood, no problem! The Lakewood Historical Society is an advocate of stewardship and welcomes collaboration with fellow historical societies. Reach out to them to explore how you can bring this enriching program to your community.

Excitement is building as we gear up for our upcoming Archaeology Workshop on Monday, April 29th. This workshop is open to all and will help you uncover the mysteries of identifying artifacts. Once you identify your own artifacts, you can submit your information to Lakewood Historical Society to help us preserve our history as a community. You can be an active part of preserving your city’s history. How cool is that?!

Membership with the Lakewood Historical Society grants access to exclusive perks, including a free tote bag at the workshop and access to the archaeology guidebook - specifically designed for the Lakewood Historical Society by CCLLC thanks to funding provided by History Colorado.

Membership for an individual is only $20 and $30 for the household! What are you waiting for? 😊 Join us as we dig into the fascinating world of archaeology and uncover the stories buried beneath our feet.

Workshop Details:

📅 Monday, April 29th

⏲️ 6:00 pm

📍 Belmar Library - Jefferson County Library, Belmar Meeting Room, 555 S Allison Pkwy, Lakewood, CO 80226

RSVP here!

Venturing beyond Lakewood, our journey leads us to the Colorado Railroad Museum (CRRM) in Golden. Here, amidst the majesty of locomotives, we share our passion for archaeology with visitors. From Rail Days to Thrilling Thursdays, mark your calendars for an adventure-filled exploration of history and heritage.

Jess at the CRRM with our volcano demo.

Our presence at the museum isn't just about showcasing artifacts; it's about igniting curiosity and nurturing a love for discovery. Through interactive demonstrations, such as our volcano demonstration, we aim to engage and educate young minds, fostering a deeper appreciation for the past.

We'll be at the museum on the following dates:  

April 25th, May 30th, June 6th, July 11th and August 1st.

Check out CRRM's website or follow @coloradorailroadmuseum for updates on our upcoming events and embark on a journey through time.

So, whether you're a history enthusiast, a budding archaeologist, or simply seeking an enriching experience, join us on our adventure to preserve history in all communities!

Psst! Have you heard about our exciting collaboration with the South Park Site Stewards? Dive into the world of South Park obsidian and stone tools with our FREE courses. Click this link to access these fun resources and embark on a journey of discovery!

Are you seeking engaging speakers to enlighten your organization about our programs or community archaeology initiatives? Look no further 👀! At Community Connections, we're passionate about sharing our work and insights with diverse audiences. Whether it's a meeting, event, or gathering, consider booking us for an informative and inspiring session. Reach out today to schedule us!

Jasmine (left) and Jess (right).

Join us in uncovering history, igniting curiosity, and making meaningful connections!

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Jasmine & Jess (J&J) 🌳

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