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IAD 2022: Archaic Snacks, Community Connections, + Friends of Rox SP

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Spotlight on IAD Exhibits:

Archaic Snacks with Roxborough SP

Susan Landers, Committee contact

11 years in a row! Roxborough SP volunteer MaryEllen Dillman and her crew have been foraging (21st century style) for foods The Ancients would have eaten. They would have been proud.

Dedicated to Deb Wright, RIP

Have you been to Roxborough SP? The Gambel Oaks are everywhere on the lower trails. The volunteers at the archaic snack stand will have information related to acorns and archaeology, recipes for pemmican and sumac lemonade, and other fun facts to share.

Come have a taste of acorn bread, nuts, dried fruit, and pemmican. Learn about how food was gathered and prepared 7,000 years ago.

Community Connections with

Jessica Ericson & Jasmine Saxon

Community Connections, LLC is a unique business focused on connecting communities to archaeology and history through public outreach and education. Check out their public archaeology services here.

Jess (“Archeology is cool!”) has a BA in Anthropology from CSU and a masters certification in GIS and Cartography from DU. She is an experienced field archeologist. Check out this interview with Jess.

Jasmine has BA in Middle Eastern Archaeology from Southern Adventist University and an MA in Anthropology with a concentration in archaeology from University of Denver. She is our IAD 2022 webmaster and has experience in cultural resource management. Read this DU Alumni article to learn more about Jasmine.

Spotlight on IAD Sponsors: Friends of Roxborough State Park

The Friends of Roxborough State Park have been sponsoring International Archaeology Day for eleven years and we are very grateful. But they do so much more for the park and the community. The Friends have raised over $450,000 for land purchases: the park has grown from 500 acres to over 3,300 acres! The Barbara Fritz Scholarship Fund provides transportation for income disadvantaged students to visit the park. And the Friends fund moonlight hikes, evening concerts, and visitor center improvements for you all to enjoy. Come meet some of the members at our IAD 2022 Expo Welcome Table.

Behind the Scenes

Posters and flyers and emails, oh my! The IAD planning committee is in full promo mode. If you haven’t heard from us, that means you’ve put us in your spam folder, darn you. 😊

We can’t wait to share the exhibits, lectures, and sites with everyone. Please help us get the word out to all your friends and colleagues. And be sure to sign up for our contest. New contest coming next week.

We are still looking for a flint knapper. Let us know if you have a lead.

Did you know that IAD is celebrated around the world? The Archaeological Institute of America is the founder. They have a very useful online archaeology glossary, archaeology lesson plans, and lots of other resources you should check out.

Until next time!

Betsy Healey

IAD 2022 Organizer

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