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Community Connections LLC

Connecting communities through cultural heritage experiences

Hi! We're Jess and Jasmine with Community Connections, LLC.  We are changing the world of archaeology by bringing individuals and businesses together through exploring and preserving local history.

Image by Helena Lopes

We love to help our community preserve their special heritage!

Our Projects

People matter. When we're connected, we're better.

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Digging into History: A Hands-On Archaeology Event

June 23, 2023 in Pueblo County

Explore archaeology with us! We're hosting an archaeology event in partnership with Be About Bliss, EvoLabs, TheMoonBass and History Colorado. This experience is for kids and adults of all ages! We'll have mock digs, an artifact station where you can touch and see REAL artifacts, explore historic maps and documents and even survey like an archaeologist!


International Archaeology Day 2023

Join us October 21st at
Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater!

Community Connections LLC has partnered with Colorado Preservation Inc this year to host International Archaeology Day 2023! This annual FREE event for the public features talks from professional archaeologists, on-site archaeological tours, and exhibitions all based on history and archaeology!

Image by Alain Bonnardeaux

South Park Obsidian

A FREE mini-course on Obsidian!

South Park Site Stewards and Community Connections LLC present a FREE mini-course on obsidian, where it comes from, and how American Indians used this material for making tools. This program is sponsored by South Park Site Stewards, Fairplay, Colorado and Site Steward Foundation, Inc. of New Mexico.


Virtual History Tours

Explore History Anywhere

Community Connections LLC works in collaboration with Metcalf Archaeology and Factor Earth to create virtual experiences that allows ANYONE to take part in exploring local archaeology and history!


When you click the "Factor Earth Experience," check out our experience on the Astor House Preservation in downtown Golden, Colorado. Other experiences you can join include 16th St Pedestrian Mall, the Revitalization of San Luis, Boggsville Historic Site, and many more! *Works best on mobile or tablet for your 3D experience*

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Artifact Identifier

Become your very own citizen archaeologist

Have you ever found something while out hiking or exploring the land and thought, "Wow! This is so cool. What do I do with it?"

Well now you know! With our handy Artifact Identifier, you can become a citizen archaeologist and help document our history!

Click on the link below to download the full version with online resources.

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