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IAD 2022: Rox Hist. Society + Amache + Event Layout

Spotlight on IAD Exhibits:

Roxborough Area Historical Society

with Char Nauman & Pat Wilkerson

The Roxborough Area Historical Society has been a frequent exhibitor at IAD. The RAHS organizes preservation projects, lectures, and field trips. A local driving force, their board is a who’s who of local history: organizers; authors; grant writers; and more. Char Nauman, president and Pat Wilkerson, treasurer will be at the IAD exhibit.

Come learn about the history of the Roxborough area and how they used funds from the State Historical Fund and others to stabilize the Silicated Brick lime kiln you see when entering Roxborough State Park.

DU Amache Research Project

with Megan Brown

The University of Denver Anthropology Department Amache Research Project is conducting long-term community-based research at Amache, the site of a World War II Japanese American internment camp near Granada, Colorado. Over 10,000 people, most American citizens, were incarcerated at Amache from 1942-1945. Click here for an online exhibit.

Megan Brown, a member of the project team, is working on her MA thesis on preschool-aged children and how they impacted the landscape of Amache. Come learn more about the Amache National Historic Site, one of the newest designated National Parks.

IAD 2022 Layout:

Spotlight on the IAD Committee:

The IAD 2022 Committee has been working tirelessly to make next week’s Expo a success. Most of the committee has been featured in previous blog entries, but here’s the full roster in one place. We are extremely grateful for the hard work put in on printing, hosting the website, recruiting exhibitors, and especially promoting the event.

Lawrence R. Beidle

Todd McMahon

​Rachel Egan

Jasmine Saxon

Jessica Ericson

Angel Tobin

Betsy Healey

Jack Warner

Susan Landers

We look forward to a fun, educational, and safe event on Saturday, October 15th!

IAD 2022 is free and open to the public. Click each image below for more information.


Tours + Lectures


Media Kit

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