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IAD 2022: NEW Giveaway, Metcalf Archaeology, AIA Denver, + Garrett Briggs

Updated: Oct 12, 2022


Congratulations to Coni W. who has won the contest for the signed IAD 2022 poster. Artist Elena Haverluk will sign the poster at the Expo on October 15.

Be among the first to sign up for a chance to book a

Free Private Tour of

Lamb Spring Archaeological Preserve

You and ten of your friends will get a private lecture and tour of this major Paleo-Indian site that is also the largest Columbian Mammoth site in Colorado. Lamb Spring is minutes away from the Expo, located just south of Chatfield Lake. This is a unique opportunity. Sign up here and tell your friends. Yes, Coni, you can try again😊.

Spotlight on IAD Exhibits:

Metcalf Archaeology

with Nathan Boyless

Jessica Ericson, Committee Contact

Metcalf Archaeological Consultants has been a frequent IAD exhibitor and Nathan Boyless, President and CEO, has been a staunch supporter. For forty years, Metcalf has been providing cultural resource management, research, documentation, creative design, and branded storytelling to many different public and private sectors. Check out FactorEarth, Metcalf’s interactive tool to digitally explore places and capture information about them.

Nathan is also the Chair of the Colorado Scenic and Historic Byways Commission and is an active leader in several Cultural Resource Management organizations.

AIA Denver

With Jim Jansson

Betsy Healey, Committee Contact

The Denver Society of the American Institute of Archaeology is another long-time supporter of the IAD Expo. One of the oldest archaeological societies west of the Mississippi, they host frequent lectures, and their website has an excellent listing of useful references.

Jim Jansson, Emeritus Advisor, has an impressive resume on the AIA website: naval intelligence, wealth management, and archaeology. He is co-author of A Greek battleground in southern Italy: new light on the ancient Sagra.

Spotlight on Lecturer: Garrett Briggs

Garrett Briggs has a BA in anthropology from UNM and an MA in archaeology from NAU. His thesis on wood-use behaviors added to the body of dendroarchaeology knowledge at Wupatki Pueblo.

Garrett recently returned to Albuquerque, his hometown, after several years working in the Southern Ute Cultural Preservation Office. He began as an apprentice under Alden Naranjo Jr. in 2017 and worked his way up to NAGPRA coordinator and the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer (THPO). Among many projects, he worked on the Southern Ute Boarding School assessment and the establishment of the Teller Institute Task Force. Garrett led the development of internal office procedures and the creation of a digital records management system for historical documents, creating a foundation for cultural research, while supporting decision-making for Southern Ute cultural projects.

Sign up here for Garrett’s IAD 2022 lecture at 2:00pm on October 15. He will be sharing a Ute indigenous perspective on things taught traditionally by mentors and elders with respect to the archaeological record. You will want to hear his list of the top misinformation about Ute culture in archeological publications.

Behind the Scenes

We started as a simple Archaeology Fair at Roxborough State Park. This 2012 photo is a young visitor at Todd McMahon’s History Colorado table: I wonder if she’s majoring in anthropology. Todd has never missed an IAD event, lecturing, exhibiting, and doing whatever it takes. A couple of lectures and a few exhibits on the patio grew into something so popular that the park could no longer host the crowds. In 2018 we launched the current concept: a multi-agency Expo with auxiliary site tours. Meghan Ofer, Principal of Roxborough Intermediate School and archeology enthusiast, has been our host ever since.

Hundreds of volunteers and thousands of visitors have shared connections with The Ancients at IAD, and we are pleased to continue the fun. The Expo is free, open to the public, and fun for all ages. Tell your friends! No registration required except for lectures and site tours.

Great News! We have hit our maximum number of exhibitors (20)! Record-breaking!

Here’s a link to the IAD 2022 schedule in a nutshell.

Betsy Healey

IAD 2022 Organizer

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