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IAD 2022: Art + Archaeology, ERO Resources, Ken-Caryl Ranch Bradford House Sites

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Spotlight on IAD Exhibits:

Art & Archaeology with Elena Haverluk

Angel Tobin, Committee contact

You might recognize the artwork from last year’s IAD poster (and on a few tee shirts). Artist Elena Haverluk will be signing this year’s IAD poster to some lucky winner (sign up here)

A true Renaissance woman, Elena is an anthropology graduate of CSU and a freelance artist. She was the illustrator for the recent CSU Anthropology & Geography Exhibit, the 2020 Colorado Archaeology & Historic Preservation Month poster, and more. Check out her website for more of Elena’s archaeology illustrations. And stop by here table at the Expo to see what she’s been doing in the field recently.

ERO Resources with Jon Hedlund

Betsy Healey, Committee contact

Jon has been a staunch supporter of IAD for years. He’s been an exhibitor, lecturer, and sponsor.

A Senior Archaeologist / Principal Investigator with ERO Resources, Jon has decades of experience in cultural resource management. Recent publications include a 2021 article on Bayou Gulch (5DA265) obsidian and a 2019 thesis on Palmer Divide hearths.

Come chat with Joh and his enthusiast crew about their archaeology projects around the state.

Site Tours: Ken-Caryl Ranch Bradford House and Bradford House II Site

Ken-Caryl Ranch has both historic and prehistoric sites on the National Registry of Historic Places. The historic Bradford Perley House (5JF997) built in the 1860’s, was a station house on Robert Bradford’s wagon road to the mountain mining areas. The archaeologic site Bradford House II (5JF51) is a middle-Archaic through middle-Woodland rock shelter excavated in the 1970’s by the Denver Chapter of the Colorado Archaeological Society.

Located on private land, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to join Jim Antes and other Ken-Caryl Ranch Historical Society volunteers to tour both sites at 1:00 pm. Sign up here.

Behind the Scenes

September 15 Deadlines!

We have a record number of IAD 2022 Exhibitors this year. It’s been fun doing a little research into them for the weekly spotlights. Email if you’d like to join us at

Help! We are seeking a flint knapper for the Expo to fill in for our previous booking (he had to withdraw).

Enter here to register for a copy of the IAD 2022 poster signed by Elena Haverluk. And start looking around town for the physical poster. Tell us where you spot one.

[ Nerdy archaeology joke just ‘cuz it’s fun ]

Betsy Healey

IAD 2022 Organizer

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