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IAD 2023 Onsite Exhibitors

Saturday, October 21st, 2023, from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm. Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre, Lower South Lot #2, 18300 W Alameda Pkwy, Morrison, CO 80465. Exhibits are entirely outdoors.

See the line-up of presenters here. Curious about FREE Tours? Sign up here!

Do you require special accessibility accommodations? We're delighted to announce that, thanks to the generous support of our partners at Colorado Preservation Inc and the State Historic Fund, we will have limited on-site American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters available for this event!

Questions? Email us at

Flint Knapping

Watch as stone arrowheads are made right in front of you!

Exhibits from

recent local archaeological digs.

Northern Arapaho Artists

Experience the beautiful art of earth watercolors.

Foraging with Roxborough State Park

Hunting and gathering in ancient times. Includes Ute STEM activities.

Northern Arapaho Tipi Demonstration

A live tipi building demonstration!

Kids Face painting with Roxborough State Park

Face painting for the kids!

Emery Archaeological Lab

Hosted by Shawn Fausett from History Colorado.

Learn how CAS has been stewarding archaeology in Colorado since 1934.

Lithophones with Marilyn Martorano

Play a tune on ancient stone instruments.

Interactive exhibits from the state's archaeological experts.

Art + Archaeology

Meet with our artist archaeologist Elena Haverluk.

Experience monumental works of art that have shaped our history!

Transform the way you think about invertebrates and history!

Learn about local archaeology projects in Colorado!

Find out how you can get certified in Archaeological Survey and Archaeological Laboratory.

Fur Traders

Learn about the historic fur trade with Julie Haverluk.

Hands on Pottery

Join Sarah Rothwell to learn more about how clay is used to make pottery.

Chat to JeffCo's new archaeologist and find out more about local history!

Israeli Archaeology: 
Tel Hazor Residential Excavations

Find out how ancient peoples in Israel lived 1000s of years ago!

Join Todd McMahon and "Think Like an Archaeologist."

Learn more about archaeology at Red Rocks Park + the WWII Japanese Internment Camp in Colorado.

Learn about archaeology in South Park, Colorado!

Explore archaeology in the local community!

Learn about Leave No Trace and how you can be a part of protecting our parks.

Projectile Points Program

Chat with Craig Banister and learn all about the amazing projectile points database!

Evolution Laboratories LLC

Learn how to get involved in local STEAM opportunities!

Exhibiting a sample of artifacts from the Senac Dam, Aurora's most recent landmark!

AIA is the world's oldest and largest archaeological organization, 

founded in 1879.

Offering diverse programs and research, providing insights into human culture and society.

Sharing the history of Colorado and Douglas County gives local communities a deep connection to their surroundings and a sense of place.

An academic and social group that is enthusiastic in learning about all things Egyptology and closely linked areas.

Community College of Denver and Metro State

Explore community-based archeology with the Community College of Denver and Metropolitan State University!

Learn more about remote sensing in archaeology with SRI!

Have an idea for an exhibit?

Email us at info@

Artwork Credit: Elena Haverluk 2023 | | Instagram @slimydirt

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